Why Partner With Align

The Align Advantage

We partner with private practice ENTs and Allergists to help you win – today and in the future.

The private practice world isn’t getting easier.

  • Health systems and payors are consolidating and pressuring private practice
  • Inflation and payer rate cuts are squeezing private practice economics
  • Billing, HR, purchasing, and recruitment demand extensive time and resources

You provide great care for patients. You’ve built a great practice.

How do you secure your future and grow?

Marc A. Stiefel, MD

“In private practice where the challenges have multiplied, joining Align ENT+A has safeguarded our practice from economic pressures, billing challenges, and administrative hassles and has given us a growth partner to secure our future. I think of this as Private Practice 2.0.

We Focus on What Matters

So you can focus on your patients.​

Grow Revenue

Improve Margins

Protect Your Business

We are the expert growth partner to you and your practice.

How We Partner

Style Matters. A Lot.

Physician-Oriented Operating Philosophy

Clinical Autonomy

Local Control

Joint Decision Making

Physician Board Leadership

Michael J. Ward, MD

“By serving on the Align board and the Physician Executive Committee, I’ve witnessed firsthand the commitment to physician leadership, where our voices shape the direction of our business. This level of autonomy is not just a promise; it’s a reality that allows us to deliver exceptional patient care while maintaining the integrity and individuality of our local practice.

Nicole Balliet, AuD, CCC-A

“Joining a community of audiologists for support is an enormous advantage of the Align ENT+A partnership. Within one month of joining Align, twenty of our new colleagues participated in a forum to discuss key trends in audiology and to share ideas on how we learn from each other and improve each of our practices. ”

Our Capabilities

We have assembled a stellar leadership team that grows practices and solves problems.

Donald M. Sesso, DO

“Because of Align’s resources and support, we were able to launch a successful allergy program just four months after partnership.” 

“Cost savings through Align’s procurement team is a significant benefit of our partnership. Our hearing aid device costs have been reduced significantly. This is the type of benefit we hoped to see in joining a larger organization.”