Our Philosophy

Who We Are

We are intentional in building our culture and have high expectations for the behaviors that support our success. We codified these expectations as the values and commitments that each person in our enterprise makes. We measure ourselves against these commitments to ensure we are living up to who we aspire to be.

Our Core Values


We serve our patients, their families, our teams, and communities with care, compassion, and hospitality.


We are committed to honesty and candor and are accountable to patients and to each other to live up to our commitments.


We play and win as a team. We support each other in ensuring we best serve our patients and teammates.


We take and apply the “best-of” wherever we find it. We are committed to improving our skills and expertise and to helping others learn from our knowledge.


Each of us play an important role in the success of our enterprise. We celebrate and recognize the efforts and achievements of our team.

Our Core Commitments